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The Smith and Wesson K Frame Model 66 (also referred to as the combat magnum) revolver was introduced in 1970. (note being the stainless steel version of the steel model 19)

The stainless steel medium-sized 6 shot revolver was chambered in .357 magnum typically available with a 2 1/2", 3", 4" &  6" barrel length, a rear adjustable sight and was offered with a round or square butt. The butt size gave shooters an option that would give them a better grip based on the size of their hands! The Model 66 was carried by many law enforcement agencies around the world! It was discontinued in 2005.

The Model 66 was reintroduced in 2014 and was available with a 2-3/4" or a 4-1/4" barrel. The model 66 is still in production today.

Over the years Smith and Wesson's engineering has made changes to improve reliability. These changes are noted by stamping the change numbers behind the model number. For example, the first model 66 was stamped mod. 66, M66 or Just 66 on the frame only visible when the cylinder was open! Every time an engineering change was made to the revolver they would add a number behind the model number. Example 66-1, 66-2, 66-3 and so on. (Not all model 66 parts are interchangeable!)  




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